“Working with Nomi has become one of my favorite parts of the creative process. Getting music from her is like Christmas morning. I know that she not only will create something perfect but it’s always unexpectedly exactly what the project needed. Not to mention, her humor is always spot on. I cannot wait for our next project together. “

 – Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Director of “Bad Chair”, “Accessories” and “Runaway Tree”

“I met Nomi when she came onboard to compose for my film LAST DANCE after she replaced not one, but TWO composers who ultimately didn’t work out. The unique thing about Nomi is that she’s more than your typical composer. Case in point, she’s an expert pianist and all-round musical savant — not to mention a killer singer-songwriter with albums of content to her name. Given that this film required an extremely varied and eclectic soundtrack, Nomi was (*chef’s kiss*) pitch perfect for it. I soon learned there was pretty much nothing she couldn’t do musically. Orchestral string pieces? No problem. Electronic soundscapes? You got it. Actual written songs with vocals she recorded herself? Holy crap, yes. No doubt, Nomi comes with the absolute highest of recommendations.”

– Josh Litman, Writer/Director of “Last Dance” and “Free Choice”

“Working with Nomi Abadi was awesome! Her creative music talents expeditiously transformed our full-feature film into a masterpiece and most importantly, she delivered by the deadline we agreed on. She has a keen ear for this niche & needed minimal direction after our initial consultation. Our company looks forward to having her score our upcoming projects!”

– Mann Robinson, Director of “Sebastian” and “Super Turnt”
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Waddle Ski game music composed by nomi abadi
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