Omega - Single

Nomi Abadi - EP

Chase / No Running

Grammy®-nominated virtuoso pianist, singer, composer, activist, and inventor of the NORY® double keytar, Nomi Abadi started composing themes when she was four years old. Nomi has toured and performed as a guest soloist with numerous orchestras around the world, most notably as the youngest pianist ever with the Orange County Chamber Orchestra at age 5, and as the guest pianist of String Theory on the album, “Sekou Andrew and the String Theory”, which was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Spoken Word category in 2019. Weeks after recording with String Theory, Nomi toured to Africa as the opening act for Grammy® Winner Lili Haydn, where the two headlined the Angola Jazz Festival. A child prodigy, Nomi trained at the Mannes School of Music (the New School) in New York City, and soon discovered her passion for acting and film. As a composer, Nomi has made music for over a dozen films and video games in America and Europe. Last year, Nomi contributed to BOSE®‘s new AR experience as the composer and sound designer for “The Clairvoyant”, a blind narrative game, for which she also contributed the voices of two characters. As an activist, Nomi created Silence Is A Sound, a nonprofit focused on creating safety and equality for composers of disenfranchised genders and race in the audio industry. While SIAS gets its legs, Nomi works with and advocates for Echo Training. In late 2019, Nomi made her debut as a writer and director of the film, Roadkill, which she also starred in.

Los Angeles Times

“Nomi is terribly, frighteningly good.”

OC Weekly

“Her voice soars like Evanescences’ Amy Lee and she tickles the ivories with the frenetic dexterity of Fiona Apple.”

Christopher O'Riley (NPR)

“Nomi embodies in her music a range of absolute assurance and yielding fragility… Ingenuity, fantasy and romance in reality.”